The first day of tryouts in 2020 is Wednesday, August 12. Please make your summer plans accordingly. 
Players need to submit all required forms to be eligible to participate in tryouts - no exceptions. For the first time in 2018, the majority of forms were submitted online via the MCPS Parent Portal. Because it is relatively new to us too, coaches are still learning about the new online form submission process. The system is scheduled to open in July.

Coaches are being asked to collect the original hard copy of the last page of the physical evaluation (online here). The physical is good for one calendar year from the exam. Coaches will provide a time for students to hand in this form early on Monday, August 10 (time TBD in the late afternoon/early evening).
Players will need to bring a stick, mouthguard, shinguards, eye goggles, running shoes, and a (full) large water bottle to every practice. Cleats or turf shoes are also recommended for play on the grass, but running shoes are ok. Goalies will need goalie equipment and a mouthguard. Coaches have a limited number of sticks, goggles, and goalie equipment that players can borrow. Please e-mail if you'd like to borrow something at least a day before the first tryout so it can be ready for you. In the event of rain, players have to bring a sock and rubberband to cover the stick to play indoors. Players with asthma should always bring their inhalers (with their name marked clearly). Players with braces may want to ask an orthodontist about mouthguard options. Players are encouraged to invest in high quality running shoes and break them in before tryouts. If you go to a running store (Pacers, RNJ, Road Runner), they can help you find the right ones for your feet. If you mention that you're a high school athlete, they may give you a discount.

*Without the proper equipment, players will not be allowed to participate - no exceptions!

Tryout Criteria/Evaluations

During tryouts, student-athletes will be evaluated on four categories - fitness, stick skills, effort, and coachability. Fitness is measured by the timed mile and timed 100. Stick skills are measured by completion of an obstacle course. The fitness and stick skills scores are objective assessments, and the effort and coachability scores are subjective assessments. Scores are averaged together and are used to determine which student-athletes make the team. Underclassmen who score well may be invited to join the varsity team. Upperclassmen who underperform may be invited to join the junior varsity team only if space allows. No spot in this program is guaranteed.

In the event of a suspected concussion, players must get checked out and cleared by a doctor before they're allowed to participate again. The doctor must complete the Medical Clearance for Suspected Head Injury form. Players may also have to retake the ImPact test before they're cleared.

Information presented in the MCPS Athletics PowerPoint can be accessed here. Parents and athletes should review this information every year. Nutrition and hydration are extremely important during preseason. Read about health and wellness recommendations for student-athletes here.

As of the 2014 season, MCPS is using the heat index value (no longer the air quality, such as "code red") to determine if changes need to be made to practices on particularly hot days. MCPS will look at the heat index value for Gaithersburg, MD (20877), to make these decisions. For more info, see the MCPS athletics site here. If the heat index goes to 105 F or higher, practices/activities must be indoors.
For future reference, here is the first possible day of tryouts in... (we're posting these dates with the info we have available to us - they are subject to change)

2020 - August 13
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